George & Mabel Need a Home

This is George.













This is Mabel.


This is George and Mabel.

George & Mabel.












George and Mabel are the newest arrivals at the Gaskins Home for Wayward Dogs. These two siblings followed Rescue Pete home from a walk in early January and they’ve been with us ever since. I did a bit of detective work and found the house in my neighborhood from which I believe they came. However, this house had some suspicious items in the backyard that led myself and an animal control officer to believe the residents were illegally breeding. From then on, we decided to try and find these guys a better home.

Some facts:

1. They both love to chew and play tug.

1a. Yes they have chewed on things like shoes and dog beds. HOWEVER, they are also really into chewing on appropriate dog toys and bones.

2. They are very friendly with strangers and other dogs.

3. They are prone to hiccups.

3a. It’s really. Freaking. Cute.

4. George loves to nap.

4a. It’s really. Freaking. Cute.

4b. See?


5. They’re both getting fixed and getting rabies shots on Monday the 17th. Yay!

6. Sometimes they poot and it’s smelly.

7. They’re almost completely house-trained.

8. Not gonna lie: they’re rambunctious. They are able to play with each other and that wears them out. I would walk them much more frequently but do not want them to be seen by their previous owners.

8a. When we have gone on walks, they are major pullers. However they respond well to a pinch collar.

9. We also have evidence that they are good with children; Sydney is a nanny of a 4- and an 8-year-old, and the puppies were curious but friendly.

10. We have worked on their behavior around our cats. Mabel is far more curious and focused on them than George, and when monitored, they are able to co-exist in peace.

11. They are awesome to cuddle with in bed. (See items 4a and 4b.)

Ideally they’d go to a pet-less family as a pair, because they are definitely best friends. Of course, we’d let them be split up if it meant they’d go to good homes. We don’t have a timeline for them leaving, but it definitely makes our house a lot more crowded. Please spread the word far and wide about this great pair of pups! Contact us at

Two great pups.


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