Here we go again!

Hello friends. I’d like you to meet Betsy (Ross). That’s what Amy & Clayton named her; I prefer to call her Goose, due to her giant, webbed feet; she also equally ignores “Ginger,” which was an obvious choice due to her great coloring. She was caught by Sydney after she had bolted across Memorial Drive in East Atlanta.

On the way to my home-away-from-home

Due to some logistical problems, I was unable to get Goose from Sydney, who had to go to work. In the meantime, sister-in-law Amy took care of her. Clearly she is a handful:

I'm SO *yawn* MEAN!

This gave me some time to get the house straightened up, get the baby gates up so the cats have “safe zones,” and get some flea shampoo from my mom-in-law. My dad came by after work, and hung around so I’d have an extra set of hands for bath time. That turned out to be a good decision; she wasn’t a big fan of the water and tried to pull away. However, what I have learned is that she’s accustomed to humans; we’ve had our hands all over and under her, near her mouth and ears, and I even took away her food bowl and she didn’t fuss one bit.

This older guy is great at petting!

Her stats are limited right now. She’s clearly had puppies somewhat recently and has a few scars/abrasions on her neck and body. We don’t know yet if she has any diseases but hope to get her checked this week. She also has these AMAZING webbed feet; it’s hard to say if this is natural for her, or if there’s something wrong with the tendons in her feet. She doesn’t seem to be in pain, however. We took a pack walk today and she pulled like a sled-dog, though she responded well (for a first-timer) to our pinch collar (tried a Martingale and a Halti first). Also we’re working on sitting/staying for treats.

If you or someone you know might be interested in taking Goose home as a foster or permanent dog, please contact us as Also we’ll of course welcome any donations you can make to help us pay for her vet exam and any medicine she needs.


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