Someone needs fixed…

We’ve gained a little more info about Ginger’s demeanor in the past few days. We had a dog visitor that she did not take kindly to. Everyone’s alive, but we have had to question whether or not Ginger is dog-friendly. We realized that she came to our home when Pete was already here; he made sure she knew he was alpha, and she respected that. Once she became comfortable (within 24 hours), she became more aggressive towards our cats. We think she attacked our friend’s dog because he showed up AFTER she was here. Granted, an attack is an extreme reaction to a new dog, so that’s definitely some behavior that needs some modification.

Otherwise, Ginger is doing well. We’ve had to keep her outside quite a bit, since “The Incident,” but she easily settles after she realizes that’s where I want her to be; she’s happy to oblige. She’s even learning to go to her crate at night, which is a huge step. We’re also working on sitting before treats and dinner.

The next big hurdle (besides finding her a foster or permanent home) is that she needs to get a check-up and probably a spay. We definitely don’t want to deal with a dog in heat around here. Due to our recent expenses at the emergency dog doctor and the emergency people doctor (the visitor dog got a hold of my arm during the fight), it’s going to be super tough to come up with extra money to get her checked. If we’re able to take her to Lifeline Animal Project, we can get her basic vaccines and spayed for about $120. If you can spare anything to help us, we (and Ginger) would be SO appreciative. You can donate directly through PayPal, using our email address


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