1. Petsitting

We began our petsitting business as a favor to a friend who was overbooked one weekend in 2005; it has been a labor of love ever since. Sydney grew up with cats and I with a dog. Due to our personal and professional experiences with animals, we quickly bond with any pet we meet.


Our goal when we take care of your pets is to make sure they experience as little upheaval as possible in their daily routine. Most often, we accomplish this by staying overnight in your residence. This also allows us to act as housesitters while you are away. Some clients, however, prefer to have us only check on their pets 1-3 times every day for walks, feeding, and other purposes. It is up to each client to decide which schedule will be best for their animals.


Before your departure, one of us will come to your residence to meet you and your pets, to make sure that they feel comfortable with the person who will be checking on or staying with them. This meeting also allows the sitter to get familiar with the house and living space. We will make sure to take plenty of notes so no aspect of your pet or home’s care slips through the cracks. If convenient for you, we will also get keys at this time; otherwise keys can be left or hidden at the home and will be picked up on the first visit.

But how MUCH?

Unlike many other petsitting businesses, we don’t have a long list of rates. We’re petsitters, not accountants, so we like to keep the calculating to a minimum. It breaks down like this:

$20/visit OR $70/overnight

That’s it! Those prices cover just about anything your home or pet needs: pee breaks, walks, medications, plant-watering, mail retrieval…you name it! If you have an unusually large number of pets with a variety of needs, or have other extenuating circumstances, these prices may change; however, we have yet to need to charge a client for additional services, so chances are you won’t be the first.


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