George & Mabel: Returned to Sender!

Wow, what a day! It all started with me being at home alone with all of the dogs. I was trying to get them all to come inside around noon, and I heard G&M on the other side of the house, whining and barking. I walked around and there was a young man, with a boxer/pit on a leash, standing about 15 yards from the fence; he was just watching G&M while they jumped and wagged at the fence. I was terrified that this was their previous owner (who we have all assumed to NOT be on the up-and-up) so I grabbed George and drug him around the house and put him inside. When I went to get Mabel, the dude and dog had backed off a bit, but now Mabel was trying to frantically dig under the fence. I grabbed her collar and yelled at the guy “Can I help you?” He didn’t reply, but did shout one single word in Spanish – whatever it was, it caused Mabel to freak out! Of course I took her inside and proceeded to panic. I watched the dude walk down the street, and sure enough, he turned to walk down the street where we thought G&M used to live.

Fast forward to about an hour later (Amy & Sydney had gotten home), and I hear Pete start into a recognizable “holy sh*t there are PEOPLE OUT THERE!!!!” barking fit. We peeked outside, and there were no fewer than 10 people milling around in the street in front of our house, including the dude from before. We were kind of terrified and were about to call the cops but decided to answer the door and were greeted by a mid-20s Hispanic woman and same age Hispanic guy.  They explained that they were looking for their dogs who got loose and thought we might have them. We played dumb at first but we started to realize that these people seemed nice and legit and not at all like dog breeders or dog fighters. They said that when the dogs got out 4 weeks ago, they looked for a day or so, but then when they contacted the Dekalb Shelter, they were essentially told that since they were untagged pit bulls, if they had been picked up, they were already dead. The dogs had also lost their collars in the yard, which was why they were “naked” when I found them.

We invited Sandra and Marco into the back yard, and when we let George and Mabel out, you would have thought it was Christmas morning! We had never seen them SO excited to see anyone and the owners were all smiles, too. Sandra had vaccine records for them both, but didn’t know about registering them with Dekalb or getting them microchipped; we wrote down some info and made sure we all exchanged information in case they ever needed help with bills or dogsitting. I also sent them home with the dogs’ favorite John Deere blanket so they’d always have a soft place to lay (unless, of course, they eat it first).

Needless to say, we were all pretty stunned at how quick George and Mabel left our lives, so we had a few sad moments after they walked out. However, Pete and Roscoe (our permanent dogs) are clearly VERY happy to have their house back and the cats are also glad to be out of lock-down.

"Muneca" (Spanish for "doll") and "Shaggy"

(As for the “breeder” house, that is in fact where G&M were born and who gave/sold them to Sandra and Marco. I have contacted Animal Control to follow up and make sure the dogs that are still there are being taken care of.)


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George & Mabel Need a Home

This is George.













This is Mabel.


This is George and Mabel.

George & Mabel.












George and Mabel are the newest arrivals at the Gaskins Home for Wayward Dogs. These two siblings followed Rescue Pete home from a walk in early January and they’ve been with us ever since. I did a bit of detective work and found the house in my neighborhood from which I believe they came. However, this house had some suspicious items in the backyard that led myself and an animal control officer to believe the residents were illegally breeding. From then on, we decided to try and find these guys a better home.

Some facts:

1. They both love to chew and play tug.

1a. Yes they have chewed on things like shoes and dog beds. HOWEVER, they are also really into chewing on appropriate dog toys and bones.

2. They are very friendly with strangers and other dogs.

3. They are prone to hiccups.

3a. It’s really. Freaking. Cute.

4. George loves to nap.

4a. It’s really. Freaking. Cute.

4b. See?


5. They’re both getting fixed and getting rabies shots on Monday the 17th. Yay!

6. Sometimes they poot and it’s smelly.

7. They’re almost completely house-trained.

8. Not gonna lie: they’re rambunctious. They are able to play with each other and that wears them out. I would walk them much more frequently but do not want them to be seen by their previous owners.

8a. When we have gone on walks, they are major pullers. However they respond well to a pinch collar.

9. We also have evidence that they are good with children; Sydney is a nanny of a 4- and an 8-year-old, and the puppies were curious but friendly.

10. We have worked on their behavior around our cats. Mabel is far more curious and focused on them than George, and when monitored, they are able to co-exist in peace.

11. They are awesome to cuddle with in bed. (See items 4a and 4b.)

Ideally they’d go to a pet-less family as a pair, because they are definitely best friends. Of course, we’d let them be split up if it meant they’d go to good homes. We don’t have a timeline for them leaving, but it definitely makes our house a lot more crowded. Please spread the word far and wide about this great pair of pups! Contact us at

Two great pups.


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Hello and welcome!

Welcome to Rescue Pete’s! We offer petsitting services in the greater Atlanta area, and we are also working on some edibles and wearables for your pup. Additionally, is a resource for recommended local pet stores, trainers, rescue organizations, and adoptable pets. Add us to your RSS reader so you can always make sure to have the latest updates from Rescue Pete!

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